The year 2015. How was it for you?

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The year 2015.  How was it for you? Empty The year 2015. How was it for you?

Post by PredCaliber on Wed Dec 02, 2015 7:48 pm

This topic is made for the 2015 end of the year Youtube video Smile     I would like to know, how was your 2015?

Perhaps you are sitting by the christmas tree right now, or perhaps you are already counting down to 2016,  but anyway, this is the official 2015 end of the year topic.    

To guide you a little bit on how your year was, I made the following questions:

Something Personal

1: In case you did not introduce yourself, please tell us briefly who you are and where you are from. This so other users have an idea who is posting Wink

2: What did you do in 2015?  Study? A job?  Or something completely else?

3: Was that something that went as planned?   Or did you not expect that?

4:  Were/are you happy with it?  Exclamation

5: Let's hope a lot of good things happened to you.   What was your best moment that happened for you personally? Smile

6: Let's not hope bad things happened. If so, what was your worst moment of 2015?

7: A lot of things happened in 2015 in the world.   What did you think was the most impressive or best/worst news of 2015?

8: Is there something else you would like to add? Then you can do that now Wink


1: A lot of AAA and non Hollywood movies where released this year.    What do you think is the best movie of 2015?

2: As every year a lot of soundtracks and albums were released.   Do you have a favourite album in 2015?

3: As always a lot of tracks have been released that you probably did not like or even hate.   Do you have a particular song or a top 3 of those songs which you dont like/hate?


Now it comes to gaming. Smile  Perhaps the most important part Wink
In my opinion 2015 was an awesome year for gaming.  Do you agree?

1: What is your favourite game of 2015? or can you perhaps make a top 5  or even a top 10?  affraid

2: What is your biggest gaming disappointment of 2015?

3: Did you upgrade your PC this year?  Or did you bought any new peripherals?

4: Did you perhaps bought a console this year?  Or are you planning on buying one in the future?

5: Last but not least, what are the things that you expect from 2016?  Any products or games that you definitely are going to buy? Smile

Thank you very much for filling in this list!        I would like to wish you a merry Christmas, and a great healthy 2016! I love you rendeer

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