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Question about mod manager Empty Question about mod manager

Post by hejohoo on Thu Dec 10, 2015 11:15 am


Thanks for a great tutorial! I just wonder, you say in the beginning of the video that we should not use the Nexus mod manager because some mods does not work with it. Is this still true? It is so much more convinient to have all my games (Skyrim, Morrowind etc) in one mod manager. And also the new feature to have different profiles in the Nexus mod manager is really nice. But will some mods not work if I use the Nexus mod manager?

Also as some pointed out in the comment section the Better Cities mod setup is different from the video, someone posted a link to fix it, but would it be possible for you to make another video for this part to make it more easy? You could even have a text coming up in the original video to point you to the extra video that explains this part. It is especially hard for me to understand if I need to do some extra things if I want to have open cities with better cities. Also on the extra article that describes how to do this I don't get for example "At the end you should have five BSAs from Better Cities, one ESM, an ESP named "Better Cities .esp" and various other ESPs depending on the choices you made. If you have less than five BSAs, then you installed the mod wrong." What is BSA? And I have tons and tons of ESP:s if I unrar the files.

Would also love to have some video to explain the other two mods you left out any description for that was "optional" the
Unique Landscapes  
I tried to install the RAEVWD but I did not really understand how to do it since the install process seems a little different?

Lastly, it would be nice with some extra video for maybe even more graphics mods if one wants to expand even further if you know of any other good mods.


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Question about mod manager Empty Re: Question about mod manager

Post by PredCaliber on Mon Dec 14, 2015 6:32 pm

Hello and welcome to the forum! Smile

I would love to use Nexus Mod Manger as well, but the problem is that a lot of these mods are pretty old, and Nexus Mod Manager can not handle them well. In example, some mods require to create OMODS, and NMM is not able to do this.

I noticed that Better Cities had a big update and is not the same anymore as it was in the tutorial. I will create a new version of this tutorial in Jan 2016, but I will have to do some big research about everything. Sad

RAEVWD and Unique landscapes I did left out of the tutorial because they caused problems at my Oblivion. Not only crashes, but also dissapearing landscape and BSP holes in the terrain. You can try to create OMODs with the ''import mod'' function, perhaps it will work. Smile

Thanks for your tip Smile I will sure add more texture mods in the end result Wink I also noticed STEP has a huge Oblivion tutorial. You can also check that out meanwhile here.

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