All Natural not complete installation?

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All Natural not complete installation? Empty All Natural not complete installation?

Post by hejohoo on Thu Dec 10, 2015 9:55 pm

In the video instructions for the Weather - All Natural there seems to be missing one step with creating a "bashed patch"? I never saw this in the video. In the readme for All Natural it reads:

Installation Using Oblivion Mod Manager

9. Uninstall any previous version of All Natural or any of the supported mods (Natural Interiors, Real Lights, Natural Weather, Enhanced Weather, AWS) that are installed.
10. Create the .omod in OBMM using the provided .omod conversion data.
11. Activate All Natural with OBMM and follow the directions.
12. Place the .esps in the correct load order (see the Load Order section).
13. Activate the plugins you installed.
14. Rebuild your Bashed Patch, selecting “Import Cells” from “All Natural.esp”. If you installed either the Filter Patch or Shivering Isles AN options, also select “Import Cells” from “All Natural - SI.esp” and “All Natural - Indoor Weather Filter For Mods.esp”.

Also saw the author write on the comments "you must create a Bashed Patch for it to work properly."

How do I make this Bashed Patch?


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All Natural not complete installation? Empty Re: All Natural not complete installation?

Post by PredCaliber on Mon Dec 14, 2015 6:22 pm

Hey and thanks for your input.  Smile

I have to say that things are pretty complicated right now, since everything is a bit outdated, and there are just way too many mod managers. (Nmm, OBMM, Wyre Bash, NMM, Mod organizer, etc.)   Also for your example about all Natural, these are pretty complicated instructions which I (probably?) did not follow in the tutorial either.  

I think I have to re-create the entire tutorial in a 2016 version of which I am not really sure if it is going to be a mod program version or a manual version.  (That comes with a lot of risks)

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