Oblivion UGT 2016 - Nvidia drivers fix

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Oblivion UGT 2016 - Nvidia drivers fix Empty Oblivion UGT 2016 - Nvidia drivers fix

Post by FantasyGamer on Tue Nov 22, 2016 7:55 pm


First of all, Thank you PredCaliber for those nice tutorials!
They're a big help to me.

So, after some time I was interested in trying oblivion again. But after installing a fresh copy of oblivion, I found my grass shadows and other settings grayed out (or not working like HDR). After some googling I found out that nvidia had released some new drivers and that they were responsible for oblivion not recognising your GPU correctly.
After some reading I thought I've found the solution to this problem: OBGE.
OBGE is supposed to fix this error and to make sure oblivion detects your GPU just fine. Which it did and I carried on with the modding tutorial.
But after installing the ENB and trying to start and test oblivion, I got an error popup from OBGE stating "Can't detect GPU" (or something similar).
So I couldn't complete the tutorial anymore...

I guess you can play and mod obivlion without the ENB, but ENB brings most of the "wow-factor" effects in my opinion.

So has anyone found a solution to this problem or got it working after all?
Without rolling back my drivers?

Thanks in advance!
And PredCaliber, keep those beautiful tutorials coming pls! Razz

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